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November 10, 2017

What are your plans for Thanksgiving break? If you are completing this after Thanksgiving break, you can tell what you did over the break. Write at least a paragraph.

Comment posted by Gracie Jones on 11-13-2017
My plans for thanksgiving break are to stay here in Texas to have my family's thanksgiving in then go to Arizona to my other part of my family for thanksgiving. We are probably going to do some fun stuff but in depends on how the weather is.
Comment posted by Paige LaBarge on 11-13-2017
Depends. If Paris is in Austin then we'll go to Austin but if she isn't then we will stay here in Whitewright.
Comment posted by Tyler Denlinger on 11-14-2017
I'm moving into my new house and my uncle and ma mo are coming down from arkensaw for thanksgiving
Comment posted by dallas cotton on 11-14-2017
Our family always gets togerther, and has a huge family meal. We do this every year, we have turkey, ham, desserts, drinks, all the good food.
Comment posted by Ashlynne White on 11-14-2017
For thanks giving I am ether going to spend it with my family or stay with my mom.
Comment posted by Gracie.T on 11-14-2017
My family and I do this every year, We got to my grandmas house and this year my cousins and my sister are coming from college! At my grandmas house we have a big meal. And the next day me and my mom go to my aunts house to an even Bigger meal and play games!
Comment posted by imanioransom on 11-14-2017
to go to my aunts and eat turkey.
Comment posted by emily wilson on 11-14-2017
so if we get Cowboy tickets then i would go there but if we dont then im going to my moms house
Comment posted by lucas sinor on 11-14-2017
I will be going to my gammas hous to have a feast and hang out with my family.
Comment posted by angel. on 11-14-2017
my family and i have a cookout
Comment posted by Lucas Sevrey on 11-14-2017
i will be going to Wako, Texas for thanksgiving break. i will be seeing my aunt. we have not seen each other in two to three years. she lives in california, and she will be coming down here to see me and my sister to have some fun.we will stay in a hotel. order room service and have fun. that is what i will be doing for thanksgiving break
Comment posted by Jenna Lee on 11-14-2017
My plans for Thanksgiving Break are to watch theThanksgiving Day Parade.Then we are going to go yo my Grandparents house for Thanksgiving.I plan to play my flute in front of my relatives.I have been working very hard practicing so i hope it will pay off at THANKSGIVING.
Comment posted by MATT on 11-16-2017
my plans that are we my moms mom is making corn salad,and we are making ham.
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