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Whitewright ISD
PO BOX 888
315-A Highland Drive
Whitewright, Texas 75491
Phone: 903-364-2155
Fax: 903-364-2839

Administration Office

Email Contact

Georgia Clark  georgia.clark@wwisd.com

Cyber Bully Hotline

Call or text the number below to report bullying or harassment on your respective campus.

High School (903) 364-4019

Middle School (903) 364-4020

Job Listings

Whitewright ISD assures equal opportunity for all applicants. All policies regarding employment will be administered without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, handicap, sex, or marital status.

All applications must be accompanied with the Criminal History Request Form. Any application without this form will not be processed.


Criminal History Request Form (Required with all Applications)

Professional Application

Substitute Application

Support Personnel Application

W4 Form (required with all Substitute Applications)


Cafeteria Positions email forms to: Sandy Whitt, sandra.whitt@wwisd.com or Georgia Clark, georgia.clark@wwisd.com

Elementary Positions email forms to: Brandon Whiten, Principal - brandon.whiten@wwisd.com


Middle School Positions email forms to: Charles Nash, Principal – charles.nash@wwisd.com


High School Positions email forms to: Steve Morrow, Principal – steve.morrow@wwisd.com


Athletic Positions email forms to: Mason Edwards, Athletic Director - mason.edwards@wwisd.com


District Level Positions email forms / resume to: Steve Arthur, Superintendent - steve.arthur@wwisd.com