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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reading



The Accelerated Reading Program is a program that allows students to set reading goals, read from a variety of books, then be tested on the computer and receive prizes.  The students will be rewarded at the end of  the year with an AR Party if they meet their goal. Students will read AR books from the library, take an AR test, and then receive points. Students may take AR books from the library home every night, but they must return them to school the next day so they have a book to read for AR time. Please do not leave them at home. We read from our AR books every day and it is important for your child to have an AR book to read. 



Most of the books we read are worth a half point and have 5 questions.


AR books are identified by a sticker on the book binding. 


            Blue sticker-1st grade reading level


           The students are not allowed to retest, so we encourage them to read a book three times before they take a test.