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About 1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade!!

Mrs. Hood                                                                                                         

Mrs. Threadgill                                                Mrs. Turner                                               



Comments, Suggestions, and Good News:

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher by sending notes in your child’s yellow go home folder. You may write notes on your child’s behavior calendar or homework schedule and teachers can also be reached via email. First grade conference time is 12:45-1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please leave all messages concerning dismissal changes with the office prior to 2:30 in order for us to receive them before dismissal time.

Morning Drop Off:

Children are to report to the cafeteria upon arrival at school. The elementary school doors will not be open until 7:30 a.m. They may eat breakfast, turn in lunch/breakfast money and wait for the bell to report to class. Please complete and return the application for free/reduced lunches if applicable.

Attendance and Late Arrivals:

Daily attendance is very important. New skills are introduced daily. A doctor or parent note is required in order to obtain an admit slip before returning to class after any absence.

First Grade Goals: Students should know and completely understand these concepts by May 2019 in order to be promoted to 2nd grade.

Phonics Skills: identify letter/sound relationships; code words to read words

Reading: demonstrate mastery of comprehension and fluency by reading 60 words per minute of the selected TPRI reading passage

Spelling: apply phonics rules to weekly spelling tests and words in written language

English: develop writing process and mechanics

Handwriting: write legibly; forming letters correctly from top to bottom

Math: demonstrate mastery in the areas of number recognition, addition/subtraction facts through 18, money and time identification and problem solving strategies

Social Studies/Science: integrated in the curriculum on a verbal level with the introduction of basic foundations through theme related activities

Report Cards and Progress Reports:

Report cards and progress reports are computer generated and calculated with number grades. They will be sent home every three and six weeks. No progress reports will be sent home the first six weeks. 

Accelerated Reading (AR):

The AR program will be introduced in whole group instruction and continued individually as your child’s reading ability progresses. This is a required element of first grade to encourage comprehension in reading. Points will be obtained and may be used toward earning prizes. Please help us to encourage your child to reach his or her goals. This is an independently motivated activity. No grades will be taken on AR tests. Independent AR tests will not be taken until the second six weeks.

Homework Procedure:

First grade students will bring home a yellow folder each afternoon containing a behavior calendar, an assignment sheet and their homework. Please check these items each evening as they are very important tools of communication. As a part of our Saxon phonics program, homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday each week. Your child is responsible for completing homework and returning it to school each day. Late homework will result in the loss of a privilege.

Twice a week, a phonics reader will be sent home in addition to the phonics homework. Your student should be able to read the book aloud to you and answer the comprehension 

questions at the end. You are encouraged to save these readers and have your child reread them as often as possible to build their fluency skills.

Spelling tests will begin with Phonics Lesson 16.

Graded Homework and Important School Papers:

All graded homework, school papers, registration forms and order forms will be sent home in your child’s yellow folder. Please look through your child’s folder carefully each day. Any forms that need to be completed, please do so and return them to school in your child’s folder. Please look over all graded work with your first grader. Praise your child for their good work and help them understand any mistakes by practicing with them at home.

Tennis Shoes:

Children are allowed to wear flip-flops, however they MUST have tennis shoes for PE.

Mrs. Turner’s PE Schedule: Monday, Thursday, Friday

Mrs. Threadgill’s PE Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Mrs. Hood’s PE Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Friday


Based on beginning of the year standardized test results, your student will be assessed to determine reading levels for his or her age. All students will be worked with diligently according to their needs as determined by the diagnostic tests and retested frequently to determine growth. In addition to your child’s homeroom teacher, your first grader may also work with the Title 1 Reading teacher.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the first grade teachers.

We are looking forward to a great year!!!