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School Day SAT/PSAT Information

SAT School Day Test
The SAT School Day test will be administered on October 14. This test is for any senior who would like to take the SAT test. The fee for this test is $52. If you are a senior who would like to take the SAT School Day test, please contact Mrs. Myracle by Tuesday, September 15 to add your name to the list. Please submit your test fee to Mrs. Myracle by Friday, September 25. Please stop by Mrs. Myracle's office or e-mail her at if you have questions.
NOTE: Juniors will have the opportunity to take the SAT School Day test in the spring.
PSAT School Day Test
We will administer the PSAT School Day Test to all juniors on October 14. The school will cover the cost of the PSAT for juniors so there will be no fee required for this test. This test is a great opportunity for students to see what the SAT test will be like and to begin preparing to take the SAT. In addition, this test is required for consideration for the National Merit Scholarship. If for some reason you are a junior who does not wish to take the PSAT, please see Mrs. Myracle.