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Whitewright ISD is committed to academic excellence as we create an “environment that will encourage each student to reach his/her potential”.  Aligned with our district’s core mission, Whitewright ISD recognizes the need for a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that meets the needs of each student. Our curriculum provides both vertical and horizontal alignment to guarantee that students are taught the required state standards and are prepared for college, career, or military success. 

Texas Essential Knowlege & Skills

Teachers in Whitewright ISD utilize the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as a foundation for all instruction, assignments, and assessments. 

TEKS Resource System: Parent Resources

The TEKS Resource System, which is a comprehensive K-12 curriculum management system, is utilized by all K-12 core content teachers. Teachers utilize the documents provided in TRS to plan instruction that is aligned to their course standards.