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Dustin Pittman

Welcome to Mr. Pittman's Website!

Welcome to 6th Grade English, Reading, and Title Reading!


Weekly Lesson Plans

Week of 11/26- 11/30

*Lesson Plans are subject to change depending on various circumstances.

Weekly Reminders

6th Grade English: * Homework is not likely this week. 

6th Grade Reading:  * Homework is possible in the textbook this week. 

6th Grade Title Reading: * Homework is possible in the textbook this week. 


Class Information

Parent Letter

Remind Alert Instructions (English Class)

Remind Alert Instructions (Reading Class)

Remind Alert Instructions (Title Reading Class)

Book Report Information (10% of 6 weeks grade in English class)

*** These should be approximately one page in length. Each six weeks one will be due at the time of your folder check. Please refer to p.606-607 in your English textbook for help with the 2nd paragraph concerning figurative language.

  • 1st Paragraph- Brief Description about the book
  • 2nd Paragraph- Figurative language you observed in the book. Examples: Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Hyperbole
  • 3rd Paragraph- What did you find interesting in the book?
  • 4th Paragraph- Would you recommend this book to others?

Book Report (student example)

*Click on the book report link above to see a good example of one created by a former student.


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Accelerated Reader

Study Island

IXL Language Arts- STAAR Practice


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