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Welcome to 6th Grade English, Reading, and Title Reading!


Weekly Lesson Plans

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*Lesson Plans are subject to change depending on various circumstances.

Weekly Reminders

6th Grade English

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Remind Alert Instructions (English Class)

Remind Alert Instructions (Reading Class)

Remind Alert Instructions (Title Reading Class)

Book Report Information (10% of 6 weeks grade in English class)

*** These should be approximately one page in length. Each six weeks one will be due at the time of your folder check. Please refer to p.606-607 in your English textbook for help with the 2nd paragraph concerning figurative language.

  • 1st Paragraph- Brief Description about the book
  • 2nd Paragraph- Figurative language you observed in the book. Examples: Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Hyperbole
  • 3rd Paragraph- What did you find interesting in the book?
  • 4th Paragraph- Would you recommend this book to others?

Book Report (student example)

*Click on the book report link above to see a good example of one created by a former student.


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