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Do you think middle school students should be required to read books? Write at least a paragraph explaining your stance for this question.

by Reading Blog (1st Per.)

Posted on April 13, 2018

Meagan Cannon made a post.
Posted: 12-13-2017

Yes. Reading helps your vocabulary and it is something good to do when you are bored. Although middle school kids will say no you should a least read a chapter book once a month

Kaitlyn C. made a post.
Posted: 12-13-2017

Yes and no. It puts a lot of pressure on kids that are slow readers or don't have time to take the tests. Also yes, its good practice and helps readers improve.

dallas made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

no, beacause we allready have so much assiments to do then get 10 ar points.

elzabeth made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

well no not all time but some times it could help

ava wood made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

No,I think since we will have so much work to do and some people have sports after school too. Also if we do read books we don't have to meet a goal

Clara A. made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

Yes, because you need it when you grow up to do work and it helps you type and write.Many people would be lost if they didn't know how to read,6th grade or not.

Rocio Ordonez made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

Yes. I think you really need to read at least 2 books a month. When you're older it really will help you no matter in what you work in. It will also help your vocabulary and you can get a better job by using better words.

parker limon made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

No,because we had to read alot in 5th grade and we should get a brake and color instead.

Regan Eldredge made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

I don't think we should,because for one it takes away learning. Also a lot of kids do not enjoy reading so it is very dreadful. I think if we didn't have to read kids would enjoy school a lot more!

addi wright made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

I say both because it over welms some kids. And yes because it can help with your education.

tess cutler made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

Yes, but I don't think that we need A.R. points because it puts a lot of more presure on the kids, and I used to like reading but when the A.R. points came along I didn't like reading any more.

Maya Patterson made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

Yes, I think it is very important for kids to read books like over the summer.It keeps kids minds running or it gives kids more imagination.

Tyler Denlinger made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

no, because its like what dallas said and with all the work we have we could not get it done

Posted: 12-14-2017

Yes, because reading is good for the minds. It entertains those whole like to read. Also, when we are older we will be reading a lot when we have a job. It also challenges us to get more A.R. points.

Tristen Webber made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

Yes and sometimes no because, slow readers get frustrated and yes because, it will help people get smart and you can be a slow reader or a fast reader like some kids.

William Bogert made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

NO IT'S NOT FAIR, but we could learn more, BUT STILL NO

HenleyN made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

Yes.I really think you should.I love reading ,and i build a better vocabulary every day.You can get a good job.It will also help you in school.

Caitlyn Pendleton made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

Yes and No.Yes because your learning how to read and it challenges your mind and no because it kinda gets boring after reading a lot of books and you really want to either go outside and do sports than focusing on reading a full chapter book.

Skyler Hankins made a post.
Posted: 12-21-2017

Yes, i do think we should have to read because its help kids get a better vocabulary for one. Also you will always need it for your life and in middle school its good for our minds to keep imagination flowing. I also like the A.R POINTS because it give us a challenge and a responsible to read.

Mallory Myracle made a post.
Posted: 12-31-2017

Yes because it helps our vocabulary and the more kids read the better they get at it. Plus, kids that don’t like to read might start liking it. I also say no because most of the time it’s boring. Also, it takes a long time and lots of kids might not be able to get 10 points because of sports and other activities , plus projects, assignments, and homework.

Tristen Webber made a post.
Posted: 01-08-2018

Yes and sometimes no, I would say yes because you are learning about things you never knew about you are getting smarter and faster at reading a book. Sometimes it is a no because sometimes you do not want to learn right now and sometimes you start getting bored at the book you are reading. So I am saying yes!

elizabeth made a post.
Posted: 01-10-2018

i think that some times they can to study on like a book report but some people just don't have any time because they have extra work to do and makeup work to finish

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