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What was your reaction to The Shutout? Write at least a paragraph stating your opinion.

by Reading Blog (2nd Per.)

Posted on April 13, 2018

Emily p made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

It was okay im not really a baseball fan... but i do like volleyball and basketball. I did like reading about the history of baseball and how it came to be.

Skyler Dunn made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

I loved it because my sport is Baseball and it deals with letting blacks play Baseball.

aubrielle made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

I liked it because it talks about blacks getting to play and how the national assositan started it

Emma R. made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

I like the about how it tells you about the history of the game baseball. It was cool how it tells you about how baseball used to be and how its now. I like the part when it talks about the group that makes up the rules.

fischer vitko made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

i liked it im not really that good at baseball i only got two hits last year when i played. but i loved reading how the blacks joined baseball to. i also liked learning how baseball was made like when and where and who made it. i think baseball is a fun i'm not that good at batting but i like catching i think thats fun and watching baseball.

Jeremy made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

I liked it cause how it was made and blacks get to do what whites get to do.

Tanner Gunter made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

I liked it because it was one step closer to have equal rights among all of us.

seth made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

it was very insperational

Ashlynne White made a post.
Posted: 02-08-2018

It was ok I am not a real bace ball fan. But I like the history behind it.

Gracie Jones made a post.
Posted: 02-09-2018

It was a good story. Even though i don't really like baseball it was still inspiring to me.

Jace Crouch made a post.
Posted: 02-12-2018

I am a very big fan of baseball,since I've played for about 6 years. I also love history,so it's a very fun and interesting story for me. I don't think it was fair that other people couldn't play based on the color of their skin. But overall,I loved this story!

Alden Tran made a post.
Posted: 02-12-2018

I liked the story a lot, because I play baseball a lot. The setting took place when blacks weren't allowed to do what they do today. The story was awesome, because they were going through the history of baseball from the very beginning, including the players and the original rules of the game. Over all, the story is one my favorite stories throughout the year.

Abigail H. made a post.
Posted: 02-12-2018

It was interesting and kept my focus. 7 out of 10.

AB made a post.
Posted: 02-12-2018

i liked it cause it shows on how baseball was back then and compared to how it is today and it talks about event that were going on at the time

Lindsay Ulmer made a post.
Posted: 02-15-2018

I liked that it had all the detailed history of baseball. I thought it was a little interesting when it compared and contrasted baseball on how it used to be played, and how it's played now. It was also kind of cool that it talked about how it originated from all the different parts and places of the world. I've read stories that have been better, but "The Shutout" was a pretty good story.

Posted: 02-16-2018

I am not really a baseball fan either but it was okay. I did not like that colored people were not allowed at one point. I don't understand why they wouldn't really let colored people play.

ray made a post.
Posted: 02-20-2018

it was a good story .

Gracie.T made a post.
Posted: 02-21-2018

I dont really enjoy Baseball but, I did like that they finally let black people play, after tons of years

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