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We recently completed a mini research activity. What is something you learned about research from the assignment? Write at least a paragraph. Example: I learned to not just use information from the first website I find...

by English Blog (6th Per.)

Posted on April 13, 2018

Presley made a post.
Posted: 02-02-2018

i learned many things like there are many websites that have a bunch of information on it not just one website, and i also learned some interesting facts about my research on Breckenridge CO, Trevor Stines, and Riverdale (all of the things i researched.

Grace Elliott made a post.
Posted: 02-04-2018

I learned that you can learn a lot more about the subject your researching if you go to different websites. I also learned that some information might be wrong and you have to go to different websites to make sure the stuff is right. For example, I had to go to a couple of websites to make sure everything was correct.

Posted: 02-05-2018

it was really fun because you get to learn about cool stuff about what your researching.

Emily p made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

I learned that sometimes the internet can be wrong or right about things in the world for example: A German Shepard dog can live up to 16 years of age. While on the other hand some other website may say that: A German Shepard dog most likely can live up to 20 years of age. The most important thing i learned was that sometimes on the internet there may not any information about something you might want to look up.

Emma R. made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

I learned a lot about the person,place, and thing that I did my research over.

aubrielle made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

I learned that it's not just one website to get really good information it's many websites like there is websites with good good information and ideas .

fischer vitko made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

one thing i leared was galveston tx was named after gail bordan the bordan milk creater. i also learned that henry ford was born in 1867 and past away in 1947. the other thing learned about was dont pasteurize that would be taking someones work away they did.i also learned about the amercan revolution.

Tanner Gunter made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2018

I learned many things about Douglas MacArthur, Elko,NV,and World War II and I loved it.

seth made a post.
Posted: 02-08-2018

I think it was a really good asinement to help us with our research skills

Will Donaldson made a post.
Posted: 02-08-2018

I learned a lot about the Trojan War, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I also learned a good way to research. Such as not to use Wikipedia and not to get all the information on the first sight that pulls up.

colton clements made a post.
Posted: 02-08-2018

I learned alot about wwI when i did my event research and learned how to locate information on a subject.

Erin H. made a post.
Posted: 02-09-2018

I learned that, even if you think you do, you may not know everything about the thing you are researching.

Gracie Armstrong made a post.
Posted: 02-09-2018

I learned a lot of new things from the websites that I got my information fun. I also learned that researching can be really fun as long as you enjoy the topic you are writing about.

Kamryn Vehar made a post.
Posted: 02-09-2018

I learned that research is a lot easier than it seems. It was sort of fun, but not really that much. I enjoyed learning the fun facts. Things seem a lot more interesting when you learn weird facts about them. Research is easy, fun, and it teaches you new things.

Kenneth York made a post.
Posted: 02-12-2018

I learned that you might need to look around a lot to find the information you are looking for. I also learned that me and Terrell Davis have the same birthday.

Jace Crouch made a post.
Posted: 02-12-2018

I learned about a lot of things with this very fun research activity. I learned a bunch about WWII and how it was the deadliest war in the history of mankind. I think this was about nouns, and to learn to research,as we all will be doing a lot in high school,as well as college.

A.H. made a post.
Posted: 02-12-2018

I learned that it is difficult because of all the untrustworthy websites out there so you have to dig deep to find a good website. Also, wikipedia is a large problem because it's so popular even though anyone can go in and change something at any time!

AB made a post.
Posted: 02-12-2018

since i was only here for the person it was a really fun assignment but it was cool to discover something new about him

Alden Tran made a post.
Posted: 02-12-2018

When I research, I usually use the first website that pops up, but now I have learned that the first website you use has a better chance of having false information compared to the second or third website you use. I think this is very important, because you do not want to give a reader false facts or information about event, place, or person. Giving the reader accurate information in a certain way could make the reader more interested in a article. I think doing this research activity has helped me fix my mistake. My conclusion is that i think this activity can help kids and their research abilities.

Posted: 02-13-2018

I learned more about who and what I chose to research and had fun in the process. Like when I did Scott Joplin I had no idea that he wrote 44 original pieces. The same thing with White horse, Canada I did not know that it got its name from river rapids.

Lindsay Ulmer made a post.
Posted: 02-15-2018

I learned that whenever you are researching something, you have to have patience. You would think patience doesn't matter when really, it does. When you are researching you can't find everything right away, it takes time for you to find everything you're looking for. Usually you can't find all your information on the same website, but sometimes you can. It all just depends on what you are researching. I learned a lot of interesting facts about many things that I did not know about before the project. I'm definitely looking forward to doing another one!

Jeremy made a post.
Posted: 02-20-2018

It was fun and intresting to learn about the person.I new more about the person than I use to.

ray made a post.
Posted: 02-20-2018

not use wikapida.

Jose Contreras made a post.
Posted: 02-20-2018

I have learned a lot on researching stuff like on famous people, events, and places. On the things I have research I have also In history channel I learned about Hamilton and a lot more.

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