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Do you think middle school students should be required to read books? Write at least a paragraph explaining your stance for this question.

by Reading Blog (8th Per.)

Posted on April 13, 2018

Lindsay Ulmer made a post.
Posted: 12-11-2017

Yes, students should be required to read books. I think it is very important for all students to read regardless of their age. If we don't know how to read it will effect our future. If we didn't read, we wouldn't be able to understand anything written on our papers or anything teachers write on the board. If we didn't read then we wouldn't know what to bring to class. In order to get a job, you may have to fill out a form, but you can't fill out anything if you don't know how to read.

Paige LaBarge made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

Yes, I think that they should but also get breaks from books too. Reading is important for students so they should if they enjoy but i wouldn't force them to read always.

Lucas Sevrey made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

yes, students should be encouraged to read books and enjoy them, but students deserve breaks from reading books. i personally love books but there are sometimes when i would like to sit down and get to enjoy my freetime.

Jose Contreras made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

I think that it is fine because it works on your writing it is fun to write a lot of stuff you would like to write.

Grace Elliott made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

I do think middle school students should have to read books because if we didn't then we would not be smart and we wouldn't make it to college because we won't know how to read. Also, reading books is good for you because you aren't just sitting in front of the T.V. all day.

colton made a post.
Posted: 12-14-2017

YES! even if students think that it doesnt help or it is boring and uneventful it is one of the most important parts of education i enjoy reading and i thnk it is alot of fun you just have to find you kind of book. IT also helps you on your english and reading skills that you NEED in life almost everything you do as an adult requires good reading and english skills. Reading help you in numerous subjects that you will need so i think it is VERY important.

jenna lee made a post.
Posted: 12-17-2017

I think that we should be required to read library books but not textbook stories or things I also think it will help our knowledge if we let our imagination fly and read books and stories that we have interest in

Kenneth made a post.
Posted: 01-01-2018

Yes because it helps with your ability to read and vocabulary for other subjects. You will do better in and out do school if you can read.

Kamryn Vehar made a post.
Posted: 01-08-2018

I definitely think we should be required to read books. Reading books can often teach you something valuable that you didn't know before. Plus, if we hardly ever read, we won't have very good reading comprehension and things like that. It can also help us on the reading STAAR, with vocabulary, and other important things outside of school. Reading more can help us academically, and later in life.

chloe made a post.
Posted: 01-09-2018

ABSOLUTELY! It increses your readng skills and you can emerge yourself in an amazing wold.

K.C. made a post.
Posted: 01-09-2018

Sort of, I think that your A.R. points should not cost 10% of your grade. It's harder for some people to get ten points when you have after school activities and you don't have any time to read. If we have to read maybe not make the goal so high.

Will Donaldson made a post.
Posted: 01-09-2018

No Because it can get really boring.

Gracie Armstrong made a post.
Posted: 01-09-2018

Yes, middle school students should be required to read books. Books contain a lot of interesting facts that we need to know,they also help with our vocabulary. Books can also help you study for tests, they can help you with any subject you need help with.

ERIN made a post.
Posted: 01-09-2018

No. Sometimes if people are forced to do something, the are reluctant to do anything for it. I'm personally one of those people.

Presley made a post.
Posted: 01-09-2018

I think we should be required because it is part of our education. You won't need it just as you are younger. You will need it when you are older.

Austin Stibbens made a post.
Posted: 01-10-2018

I think we read books only at tutorials. I don’t think we should read for AR points. I do think it is good to read but I don’t like doing it for homework and as a grade.

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