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What is your reaction to "from Elie Wiesel: Voice from the Holocaust? Write at least a paragraph.

by Reading Blog (8th Per.)

Posted on April 13, 2018

Jenna Lee made a post.
Posted: 02-28-2018

I did not like it just like i do not like most of our textbook stories it was like some of the other ones we have read very very hard to follow i did not like it at all

colton c made a post.
Posted: 03-06-2018

it was very different, I just didn't really like it I didn't find it interesting in anyway and it was the same concept all through out the whole story it was just not enjoyable.

Paige LaBarge made a post.
Posted: 03-19-2018

I didn't find it interesting but I think that was because we had already watched and learned about it from history. I mean if we had read it before we learned about it in history, I think I'd be a little more interested in it but also I don't like history so maybe I wouldn't have liked it if we hadn't learned it already.

Lucas Sevrey made a post.
Posted: 03-19-2018

I did not find it interesting. it was same thing trough the whole story and i just did not find it very interesting.

Grace Elliott made a post.
Posted: 03-19-2018

I liked it because I really like learning about the Holocaust. It was very interesting but kind of sad. It was cool because he won an award and he went on with his life after everything that happened.

Kamryn Vehar made a post.
Posted: 03-19-2018

The story was okay, but it wasn't too great. I found it sort of good because I think the holocaust is interesting. It didn't really talk about it the whole time, though. It started getting a little confusing, and then I couldn't really follow it. It was not one of the best stories we've read this year.

Presley S. made a post.
Posted: 03-21-2018

I thought it was interesting, but it wasn't the best. I find the holocaust very interesting, but i have read,seen, and heard better stories.

Kenneth York made a post.
Posted: 03-21-2018

I liked the story because it put you in the eyes of someone who has gone through that. It also taught me a little more about World War 2 and the holocaust.

Jose Contreras made a post.
Posted: 03-21-2018

I didn't see anything interesting about but it was nice that he was there after the holocaust and how he was able to survive after what he has been threw.

Chloe made a post.
Posted: 03-21-2018

It surprised me to say the least. He showed us that anyone could be strong. If you believe you can do something you can do it.

Kayanna made a post.
Posted: 03-21-2018

I did not like it. It was very confusing and I could hardly follow the story. It was boring to me because I don't like stories like that they just don't interest me.

Austin Stibbens made a post.
Posted: 03-22-2018

I thought that the story was very interesting . I was not surprised that these types of things happen to him . Because I read and research about that time area .

Will Donaldson made a post.
Posted: 03-22-2018

It was different , it was also kind of sad. I also thought it was brave of him to be able to tell about the worst time in his life.

Gracie Armstrong made a post.
Posted: 03-22-2018

I really liked all the detail. He told something that is a very popular historical event and I absolutely loved it.It also showed how brace and courageous he was.

Erin made a post.
Posted: 03-22-2018

It was interesting to see what a man can do, even though they've been through so much pain. I liked seeing it through him perspective.

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