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Whitewright Tiger and Lady Tiger Powerlifting

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Powerlifting 2017 Schedule (revised 1/25/2017)


Coach: Casey Carr – casey.carr@wwisd.com

Assistant Coach: Jeff Egger – jeff.egger@wwisd.com



S&S Powerlifting Results:The Whitewright Powerlifting Team kicked off the 2017 Season last Thursday and Saturday at the S&S Invitational. The split meet consisted of over 30 schools participating ranging from 1A to 6A. The ladies competed amongst a field of over 220 lifters and our boys a field of over 200.
Boys Results: James Cyr competed in the 148lbs division finishing 9th in his first ever meet with a 845lbs total(300 squat, 200 bench, 345 deadlift). Gavin Clark competed in the 181lbs division finishing 10th with a 1070lbs total(395 squat, 300 bench, 375 deadlift). John Cooper competed in the 198lbs division finishing 6th with a 1145lbs total(405 squat, 240 bench, 500 deadlift). Xhavhiaer Ball competed in the 220lbs division and finished 24th with a 890lbs total(315 squat, 225 bench, 350 deadlift). Kyle Duke competed in the 275lbs division finishing 1135lbs total(450 squat, 265 bench, 420 deadlift). Dominic Little competed in the SHW division finishing 5th with a 1220 total(500 squat, 315 bench, 405 deadlift).
Girls Results: Michelle Tran competed in the 114lbs division. She squated 95lbs but was unable to get a successful bench which eliminated her from the rest of the competition. Julie Rushing lifted in the 123lbs division finishing in 14th place. Julie’s total was 455lbs(165 squat, 95 bench, 195 deadlift). Madison Banta also competed in the 123lbs division finishing in 19th place with a 415 total(145 squat, 80 bench, 160 deadlift). Logan Shields competed in the 132lbs division finishing 10th with 535lbs total(190 squat, 120 bench, 225 deadlift). Shelbie Blankenship also competed in the 132lbs division finishing 20th with a 470lbs total(165 squat, 95 bench, 210 squat). Macy Edwards competed in the 148lbs division finishing 24th with a 415lbs total(150 squat, 100 bench, 165 deadlift). Faith Hawkins competed in the 181lbs division finishing 14th with a 420lbs total(165 squat, 80 bench, 175 deadlift). Marissa McNiel competed in the 259lbs division finishing in 4th place with a 515lbs total(180 squat, 120 bench, 215 deadlift).

Our ladies did a great job of competing in a very tough opening meet. We have 5 more lifters this year compared to last and look forward to the improvements these ladies will have throughout the year. The boys team did very well with many of their lifts matching their bests from last year. We continue the invitational season with the Lone Oak Boys/Girls meet this Saturday the 4th.