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District, Regional, and State Records

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Tennis 2023


team 2023






Outstanding Doubles – Lucas Sinor and Mia Card

Outstanding Singles – Danielle Slack

Boys MVP – Lucas Sinor

Girls MVP – Danielle Slack



Three-Year State Qualifier


Graduating Senior Daniel Slack received a scholarship and will play for Kansas Wesleyan University. Her high school record included 79 wins and 10 losses, winning 13 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze medals playing doubles 2 years and singles two years in 21 tournaments. She captured the district and regional championships in both doubles and singles. Her honors included First Team All-District for 4 years, All-Texomaland for 3 years, and Girls Tennis Player of the Year for 2 years. 



AA Region II  Medalists

Lucas Sinor and Mia Card – Third Place

Danielle Slack – Regional Champion

region 2023


Whitewright Tennis sent Mixed Doubles District Champions Lucas Sinor and Mia Card and Singles District Champion Danielle Slack to compete in the 2A Region 2 Championships at Richland Tennis Center on April 10 and 11. They both were seeded #1 based on their performances this season and had no trouble getting to the semi-finals. 

     After a bye for Sinor/Card in the first round, they defeated Kirk/Shroeder-Windthorst 6-2 6-2.  In the semis, they tightened up and let Vega/Patterson-Stanford slip by with 6-4 6-4. Sinor/Card were back to form for the third-place match, winning against Hale/Hale-Albany 6-3 6-0. Being hopeful of a playback match during a split-set championship, their state appearance vanished with Schroeder/Mayo of Archer City taking it 6-4 3-6 6-4. 

     Twice 3A State Qualifier Daniel Slack performed well above the competition all the way through the championship.  She beat Bailey Pennington-Alba Golden 6-0 6-0, Kaitlyn Adamson-Poolville 6-1 6-1, Macy Bayer-Muenster 6-0 6-0, and won the championship against Sidney Russell-Albany 6-2 6-0.  Danielle Slack is making her third run at a state title at Blossom Tennis Center in San Antonio on April 25 and 26.



District Medalists

Lucas Sinor and Mia Card – Mixed Doubles Champions

Danielle Slack – Singles Champion

Ayden Goodman – Singles Third Place

district 2023

The Whitewright Tennis district finalists competed at Princeton on April 3 to make a way to the Regional Playoffs. District Champions Lucas Sinor and Mia Card  proved they were prepared to win a three set battle for three hours in mixed doubles to capture the gold. District Champion Danielle Slack was undeniable as she dominated the girls singles division without dropping a game for the gold and will be fighting for her third state playoff berth.  Ayden Goodman entered the singles division after playing doubles the entire preseason and battled the best in very close matches to come in third place. The Girls Team scored enough points to bring home the District Runner Up Team Trophy.  Regionals are April 10-11 at North Richland Hills Tennis Center and the Whitewright Tennis Team is preparing to win.



2nd Place Medalists

Lucas Sinor and Mia Card – mixed doubles

Marshal Larsen and Ayden Goodman – doubles

Danielle Slack – singles

bonham 2023


Ayden Goodman / Marshal Larsen – 3rd place

sulpher springs 2023


Sinor / Card – 2nd place

Goodman / Larsen – 1st place

Danielle Slack – 1st place

Kassidy Snow – consolation

bonham 2023


Tiger Tennis Finishes Strong


The Whitewright Tennis Team reached the finals in four divisions of the Bonham tournament on March 6. Bringing home the gold, Danielle Slack remains undefeated on the season with three championship titles. Slack advanced through three rounds with scores of 8-0, 8-0, and 8-1, and finished off Burns of Pottsboro 8-2 in the final. In doubles, Ayden Goodman and Marshal Larsen obtained a bye as the #1 seed before winning 8-1 and 8-1 in rounds two and three.  In the final, Goodman / Larsen defeated Owens / Collier of Bonham with a score of 8-5 to win their second championship title.  In mixed doubles, Lucas Sinor and Mia Card were seeded #2 and gained new heights with their first championship appearance.  Following a bye, Sinor / Card won the next two matches 8-1 and 8-3 to face Kirkpatrick / Lindsay of Bonham for the second time this season.  The first matchup ended in an 8-2 loss for Whitewright, but this time Sinor / Card excelled in the championship from down 1-3 to up 6-5 before relinquishing the momentum and finishing in 2nd place. Madilyn Burns was seeded #4 in singles and finished 4th after 2 wins and 2 losses.  Kassidy Snow competed in singles for the first time and claimed her first medal in the consolation championship ending at dark ahead 6-5 against Bland.  All together, the team was 13 and 4 on the day with everyone finishing in the medal rounds.


Doubles and Singles Champions:

Ayden Goodman, Marshal Larsen, and Danielle Slack

whitewright 2023

Whitewright Tennis in Full Swing

     The Whitewright Tennis Team has competed in two tournaments to date starting with the Bell’s Tournament at Celina ISD on 2/17.  Danielle Slack, two-time state qualifier and twice tennis player of the year, won the championship against Maggi of Callisburg 6-3.  Lucas Sinor and Mia Card, playing mixed doubles for the second season, won three out of four matches for 3rd place against Lindburg / Holman of Celina with a score of 6-3.  Madi Burns, with a winning season last year, finished short of a medal in the consolation final with 2 wins and 2 losses. First time doubles partners, Ayden Goodman and Marshal Larsen were out in the second round after a good battle with Burt / Lawles of Callisburg.  

     Next was the 25th Annual Whitewright Tournament held at Princeton ISD on 2/22.  Danielle Slack went undefeated again for the gold against Maggi of Callisburg coming back from down 2-5 to win it 8-6.  Slack raises her record to 8-0.  Ayden Goodman and Marshal Larsen went undefeated for the gold against Bailey / Hughes of Ector in the final winning 8-3. They raise their record to 4-1.  Sinor / Card met the champions in the second round for an early exit and are 4 and 2 on the season.  Madi Burns also lost in the second round and is even on the season.  Kassidy Snow and Haven Green competed this week in doubles and left the tournament after a win to play softball.  They defeated Cannon / McMahon of Trenton 8-6 in the consolation bracket.  This week’s competition is Wednesday at Bonham High School.  Go Tigers!

Tennis 2022


team 2022

Coach Kelley, Taylor Tollifson, Ayden Goodman, Zack Mortensen, Mia Card, Marshal Larsen

Gracie Jones, Lucas Sinor, Madilyn Burns, Danielle Slack

Molly Simon, Imani Ransom, Kassidy Snow, Jocelyn Tillett, Haven Green




live free







ALL Texomaland


State Qualifier-Danielle Slack

regional 2022



Regional Qualifier – Danielle Slack

district 2022



Taylor Tollifson – 3rd Place

prairiland 2022



Madilyn Burns-3rd  /  Danielle Slack-Champion




 Taylor Tollifson and Danielle Slack




Danielle Slack – 3rd Place



Madilyn Burns – 3rd Place





Marshal Larsen / Zack Mortensen 




Madilyn Burns-Consolation 

Danielle Slack-Champion




Mia Card / Lucas Sinor – Consolation



Tennis 2021

Rise Again!

team 2021

Kyleigh Darland, Kennedy Bottoms, Sabrina Edwards,

Lyndsay Henderson, Maria Ruiz, Danielle Slack,

Madilyn Burns, Mia Card, Jax Gage, Taylor Tollifson,

Ayden Goodman, Lucas Sinor, Jacob Farris, Coach Kelley


all texomaland 2021


state 2021


region 2021

Regional Champions

Lyndsay Henderson/Danielle Slack

region 2021


District Finalists

Mia Card, Danielle Slack, Lyndsay Henderson

Taylor Tollifson, Lucas Sinor, Coach Kelley

district 2021


District Champions

Danielle Slack / Lyndsay Henderson

district 2021


Slack / Henderson – Champions

prairieland 2021


Taylor Tollifson-Champion

prairieland 2021


Maria Ruiz-2nd Place

prairieland 2021



whitewright 2021


Taylor Tollifson-Champion

whitewright 2021


Ayden Goodman-Consolation

whitewright 2021


Madi Burns-Consolation

whitewright 2021


Lucas Sinor / Mia Card – Consolation

whitewright 2021



princeton 2021



princeton 2021


Taylor Tollifson-2nd Place

princeton 2021


Slack/Henderson-3rd Place

princeton 2021



princeton 2021


Tennis 2020

Level UP


Henderson/Slack – CHAMPIONSblue ridge 2020

Goodman/Card – Consolation

blue ridge 2020

Henderson/Slack – CHAMPIONS

whitewright 2020

Allison Peck – 2nd B Division

whitewright 2020

Tollifson/Carraway – 3rd Place

whitewright 2020

Danielle Slack / Lyndsay Henderson – CHAMPIONS

bonham 2020

Taylor Tollifson / Julius Carraway – Consolation

bonham 2020

Danielle Slack – Consolation

Bonham 2020

Lyndsay Henderson / Julius Carraway – Consolation

Bonham 2020

Tennis 2019


carpe diem



Player of the Year

all texomaland player of the year

All-Texomaland Tennis Player and Coach

    Congratulations to Juliann Kelley and Coach Kelley who are both named to The Herald Democrat’s All-Texomaland Tennis Team for the 2018-19 school year and have earned an invitation to the annual All-Texomaland Awards Banquet, which will be hosted on Monday, June 10th at the Texoma Event Center.  They will be honored with a sit-down dinner, awards presentation, and special appearance by featured guest speaker and Baseball Hall of Famer, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.

    Coach Kelley has been coaching tennis at Whitewright ISD since 1991. He has coached 9 district-champion teams, 41 district champions, 71 regional qualifiers, 18 regional medalists, and 10 state qualifiers.  Coach Kelley is the only tennis coach at Whitewright and coaches middle school and high school teams.

    Juliann Kelley is a graduating senior who will be attending Texas A&M at College Station this fall semester.  She had a phenomenal season record of 27-3 this year which includes the regional tournament with losses only to the two state qualifiers of our region. She also beat one of those state qualifiers twice this year. Kelley won 3rd at regionals this year with a score of 6-0 6-0. Over her high school career, Juliann Kelley has been,1st Team All-District all 4 years, All-Texomaland 3 years, District Champ in doubles and singles 2 years, Regional Qualifier and Medalist all 4 years, State Qualifier 3 years, with over all record of 109 / 23 winning 17 gold medals in 34 tournaments.


regional medalist 2019

 4-year Regional Medalist


regional qualifier 2019

4-year Regional Qualifier


Team 2019

Team Members 2019

Julius Carraway, Taylor Tollifson, Jax Gage, Seth Samples

Coach Kelley, Juliann Kelley, Maria Card, Alise Ramzanova, Adriana Perez, Jocelyn Tillet, Kennedy Bottoms, Paige Morris



District 2019

Girls District Team – 2nd

Juliann Kelley – 2nd

Maria Card – 4th

Paige Morris and Adriana Perez – 4th


Prairiland 2019

Julius Carraway and Alise Ramzanova – 2nd

Jax Gage – Consolation

Prairiland 2019

Juliann Kelley 1st

Leonard tourn 2019

Juliann Kelley 2nd 

Commerce 2019

Juliann Kelley 1st

Maria Card and Alise Ramzanova 2nd

Paige Morris and Adriana Perez 4th

Blue Ridge 1st 2019

Champion – Juliann Kelley

Blue Ridge 3rd 2019

Third Place – Alice Ramzanova and Maria Card


Ww tournament 2019 sweep

D i v i s i o n a l   M e d a l i s t    S w e e p

WW tourn B cons

Consolation – Kennedy Bottoms and Jax Gage

Pottsboro tournament 2019

Champion – Juliann Kelley

Bonham tournament 2019

Champion – Juliann Kelley

Bonham 2019 3rd

Third Place – Alice Ramzanova and Maria Card

Bonham 2019 Consolation

Consolation – Taylor Tollifson and Jax Gage



team pic 2018




state qualifier 2018

S T A T E  Q U A L I F I E R

Regional Qualifers 2018


Juliann Kelley 2nd Place Singles

Javier Lopez – Doubles Champion

Coach – John Kelley

Jacob Andrade-- Doubles Champion

Kenneth Slack—Singles Champion

boys district champs 2018


Prairiland winners

A Division Champ—Juliann Kelley

B Division Champ—Lyndsay Henderson

B Division 2nd Place—Maria Card

B Division 3rd Place—John Cooper

A Division 2nd Place—Kenneth Slack

3rd at Prairiland

A Division 3rd Place—Javier Lopez and Jacob Andrade

leonard tourn 2018

Singles Champion—Kenneth Slack

3rd Place --Juliann Kelley

Farmersville tourn

Division A Singles 3rd Place---Juliann Kelley

Farmersville tourn

Division A Singles 3rd Place---Kenneth Slack


ww tourn 3/2

Singles Division A Champion---Juliann Kelley

Singles Division A 2nd Place---Jayden Andrew

ww tourn 3/1

Doubles A Division Consolation—Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez

Singles A Division Consolation---Kenneth Slack

Mixed Doubles A Division 2nd Place---Kameron Hansen and Maria Card

Kelley 2nd Anna 2/15/2018

Congrats to Juliann Kelley for A Division 2nd

Slack 3rd Anna 2/15/2018

Congrats to Kenneth Slack for A Division 3rd

andrew b third, kelley a champ, morris

Congrats to Jayden Andrew for B division 3rd,

Juliann Kelley for A  division champ, Paige Morris on 1st win 

cooper b 3rd

Congrats to John Cooper for B divison 3rd



SERVE Others ACE Life


Regional Third Place Doubles


Whitewright Tennis returns to State

Whitewright Tennis qualified in three divisions for the Region II tennis playoffs on April 17th and 18th at Tyler Junior College.  District Champion Juliann Kelley was seeded #1 in girl’s singles.  District Champions Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez were selected for the #3 seed in boy’s doubles. District Champion Kenneth Slack also received the #3 seed in boy’s singles. 

Kelley glided through the first two rounds winning 6-0, 6-0 and 6-1, 6-0 to set up the semi-final with the returning state qualifier Makayla Williams from Whitesboro.  Williams was 2-0 against Kelley this season but seeded lower because she lost to Morgan Portman at their district meet who was 0-1 against Kelley.  The Kelley-Williams match up was the biggest battle of the tournament with Kelley taking the first set with a tie-breaker.  Williams hit back strong to win the second set 6-2 and took the early lead in third, but Kelley battled back to tie it up at 4 all and went ahead to 5-4.  The match ended in tight games with Williams winning 7-5.  Williams went on to beat Portman for the championship 6-3, 6-4.  Kelley defeated Erica Hernandez of Chapel Hill a second time this year 6-2, 7-5 for third and Morgan Portman of Whitesboro a second time this year 6-0, 7-6 in the playback to qualify for state.  The sophomore Juliann Kelley returns to the state tournament in singles with state experience in doubles last season.

Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez had an equally exciting tournament winning three straight matches and playing in the championship.  They defeated Edgewood 6-0, 4-6, 6-4, Winnsboro 6-2, 6-4, and the #2 seeds Martinez / Russell of Pewitt 0-6, 6-3, 6-0 to meet the #4 seeds Larsen / Sanders of Sunnyvale for the championship. Andrade and Lopez came close to splitting sets but Sunnyvale prevailed 6-0, 7-6.  In the playback, Ponder’s #1 seeds Glenn / Timmons played strong for a 6-0, 6-3 victory.  The juniors, Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez went from third in district last season to the regional championship this season and earned the bronze medals.

Kenneth Slack played Eric Hood of White Oak the first round but was not on his game.  Slack controlled the match as usual at the net, but unforced errors took its toll in the first and third sets.  Hood took the match 6-4, 2-6, 6-4 after being tied at 4 all in the third set.  The junior Kenneth Slack holds two district championships with another year ahead to come back stronger.

The State Tournament will be held at College Station on May 18th and 19th.  This is Whitewright’s fourth state appearance in the last five years. Coach John Kelley is looking for the next young players to join the team and carry on the tradition.    

Boys Team Runner Up

District Champions


Whitewright Tennis wins three District Championships

Juliann Kelley defeated Van Alstyne 6-1, 6-0 in the quarters, Leonard 6-0, 6-1 in the semis, and Ausrine Sartauskaite of Commerce 6-1, 6-4 in the championship to capture her second district title.  Heading to regionals on April 16th and 17th, Kelley brings a 27-4 record, 5 championships, and state experience in doubles.  Kenneth Slack defeated Van Alstyne 6-0, 6-2 in the quarters, Leonard 3-6, 6-1, 6-3 in the semis, and Wyatt Springer from Leonard 6-3, 6-2 in the championship to claim his second singles district title.  Slack’s 21-7 record and regional experience will serve him well at the Region II 3A tournament.  Our newest district doubles champions, Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez, overcame strong competition in all matches starting with Commerce’s Brown / Hooten 6-0, 7-6 (3) in the quarters, Leonard’s Kay / Terry 4-6, 6-0, 6-4 in the semis, and Leonard’s Anderson / Watson 2-6, 7-6 (3), 6-3 for the championship.  Andrade / Lopez at 21-6 are peaking at the right time and overcoming all opponents from previous losses. Whitewright champions are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

With two 1st place finishes in the boys divisions, Whitewright Tennis received the boys district runner up trophy supported by Alex Westrup winning one match at district in singles, Jaron Gage with Seth Samples in doubles, and John Cooper.  Jayden Andrew and Michelle Tran, playing girls doubles, have shown great promise to the team this year with wins at all but one tournament including a 2.5 hour battle with Van Alstyne at district for a sweet 6-7 (4), 7-6 (3), 6-1 victory.  All the players have been appreciated for their efforts and representing Whitewright on and off the court by serving others and acing life.


Whitewright Tennis takes trophies at the Prairiland Tournament

Juliann Kelley 1st, Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez 2nd, Kenneth Slack 3rd

Juliann Kelley was seeded #1 and went undefeated in four matches for the 4th championship title of the season. In the final, she defeated Erica Fernandez of Chapel Hill 8-3 who was a regional semifinal opponent of the Kelley sister's state-run in doubles last year.  Kelley goes to the district tournament seeded #1 with a record of 24-4 played Monday and Tuesday this week.  Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez were seeded #2 and finished 2nd behind the #1 seeded Anderson / Watson of Leonard by a score of 8-3. These teams are seeded the same way for the district tournament with Whitewright also having one win over Leonard. Andrade / Lopez are 18-6 on the season and will go to the district tournament favored to qualify for regionals the second year in a row.  Kenneth Slack also brought home a trophy for 3rd place by defeating Evan McKeevev from Hooks 8-6. Slack was seeded #4 behind Wyatt Springer of Leonard who placed 2nd even though Slack had previously prevailed in a head to head. For the district tournament, the order is reversed with Slack at #1 and Springer #2. With a season record of 19-7, Slack is back on track for a second regional appearance. 


Whitewright Tennis performs well at Prosper

Playing the strongest competitors with 5A schools, four out of seven from Whitewright go to the semis. Juliann Kelley defeated Denison 6-1, 6-2 and Royce City 7-6, 6-2 to meet the #1 seed Ali Ziehm from Little Elm in the semis.  Taking a 6-0, 6-3 loss Kelley returned to defeat Vaanessa Guzman from Little Elm 6-2, 6-3 for third place moving an outstanding season record to 20-4.  Kenneth Slack defeated Pottsboro 6-1, 6-2 and Prosper 6-4, 6-1 to meet the #1 seed Beadle from Princeton.  Slack won more games than anyone against the tournament champion and was up 5-4 in the second before Beadle took it 6-2, 7-5.  Electing not to play the third place match, Slack’s record moves to 16-6 on the season.  Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez continue to build strength with wins over North Hills 7-5, 6-0 and Princeton 6-4, 6-4 to join the semis with the #1 seeds Smith / Johnson from Prosper.  Losing the semi 6-2, 6-2, Andrade / Lopez rallied to a three set victory 2-6, 6-4, and 10-7 in a super tie breaker over the #3 seeded Roets / Malouf of Princeton for third place.  At 15-5 for the season Andrade and Lopez are setting new heights.  Catch the action this Friday and Saturday at Paris High School and then Monday and Tuesday at Anna High School. Middle school tennis workouts will begin Wednesday of next week after school till 5 o’clock.


Juliann Kelley adds another championship to a record of 17-3 at the Leonard Spring Break Tournament at Anna ISD on March 10 by winning her first three matches 8-1, 8-0, 8-3 and defeating Ector’s Salazar 8-1 for the gold. Jayden Andrew and Michelle Tran displayed more competitiveness this week in the consolation bracket winning 8-0 against Venus and taking Leonard’s Butler / Matt to a match point before losing the tiebreaker 8-7 (6).  


Kenneth Slack was seeded #2 behind Lairson from Anna and they met in the championship after Slack defeated four opponents 8-0, 8-3, 8-2, 8-2.  Slack took control early for a 4-2 lead but Lairson battled back to a tiebreaker at 7 all and prevailed 8-7 (1).   At 14-4 for the season, Slack has five victories over district opponents and is gaining an edge each week.  Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez were seeded #1 this week but lost in the semis to Kay / Terry of Leonard 8-4.  Andrade / Lopez increased their season record to 12-4 with a bronze medal this week defeating Van Alstyne 8-3 for third place.






                      Whitewright Tennis Wins


Kenneth Slack brightened his season record to 10-4 with a gold medal at the Farmersville tournament on March 2 at Princeton High School by defeating Leonard’s Springer 8-3 in the championship.  With a season record of 9-3 in doubles, Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez won 5 straight matches overtaking Anderson / Watson from Leonard 8-6 in the championship.  Alex Westrup standing at 8-4 on the season in singles claimed his second consolation championship against Marish from Calisburg 8-3.  On Friday, March 3, Juliann Kelley won 4 straight matches totaling 48 games, dropped only 4 games, and increased her season record to 13-3 with a 6-0, 6-0 championship against Salazar from Ector. Come see the action on Thursday and Friday this week at Anna High School’s 8 new courts.



Whitewright Tennis competed in the Princeton Invitational on February 23rd and 24th with fourteen schools. In the girl’s A division, Juliann Kelley was 3-1 for 3rd place losing to Williams from Whitesboro in the semis a second time this season 4-8.  She defeated Ector 8-0, Anna 8-3, and Whitesboro’s Portman 8-6 to end the day with a bronze medal. In boy’s A division singles, Kenneth Slack was 2-2 for 4th place defeating opponents from Whitesboro and Pottsboro 8-4 and 8-2 before meeting Princeton’s Beadle in the semis 2-8 and a good battle with Princeton’s Roets 5-8.   In the B division, Jacob Andrade got his first singles tournament and went 3-1 for 2nd place.  He defeated Whitesboro 8-3, Ector 8-7(3), and Calisburg 8-7(3) before losing to Springer from Leonard 6-8 in the championship.



Whitewright Tennis competed in the Trenton Invitational on February 16th and 17th at Princeton ISD with 15 schools.  Whitewright's players all won at least one match, and Juliann Kelley went all the way.

After a bye in the first round, Kelley won three 8-0, 8-1, and 8-6 to set up the championship battle with Wylie East.  Both Kelley and White performed well in a back and forth struggle to a 7 game-all tie-breaker.  White was strong to a 6-3 lead in the 7 point tie-breaker, but Kelley went back on the offensive to gain five straight points and the victory. 

In girls doubles going 1-2, Jayden Andrew and Michelle Tran joined forces for their first win together after playing singles last week.  In boys singles Kenneth Slack and Seth Samples were both 1-1 in the winner's bracket with Slack narrowly edged out in a tie-breaker with Farmersville. Alex Westrup and Jaron Gage were both 2-2 in the consolation bracket with Westrup making it to the consolation final. Whitewright's team continues to learn and grow while serving others and acing life.

                                                  First Tournament Results for Whitewright Tennis

The Whitewright Tennis Team competed in the Princeton Varsity Invitational on February 9th and 10th to start the season with fresh medals.  On Thursday, Jacob Andrade and Javier Lopez teamed up again this year after finishing third in district last year to go 3-1 for 3rd place in the A division. Kenneth Slack performed well in singles going 3-1 to claim the A division consolation championship. Alex Westrup played his finest tennis to date in singles going 3-1 to claim the B division champion trophy. On Friday, Juliann Kelley started her high school singles career against regional and state competitors going 2-2 for 4th place in the A division. Jayden Andrew and Michelle Tran, both playing their first singles matches, posted their first wins in the B division. The results of this tournament put the team on good footing with sights set higher for the season ahead.







Jamie Kelley / Juliann Kelley  1st team all-district, district champion girls’ doubles, 2nd in region, state quarter finalists, most  valuable players, fighting heart award

Moriah Wheeler / Jarek Cambell  2nd team all-district, 3rd district mixed doubles, outstanding doubles award

Javier Lopez / Jacob Andrade  2nd team all-district, 3rd district boys’ doubles, outstanding doubles award

Kenneth Slack   District Singles Honorable Mention 




Jamie and Juliann Kelley competed at the Region II 3A tennis tournament on April 19-20 at Tyler Junior College. Kelley/Kelley were seeded #2 by the participating coaches on a record of 25-4 and 3 tournament championships. The returning Region II champs Russell/Russell of Bowie got the #1 seed, and both schools met for the championship for the second year in a row.

To get to the final, Kelley/Kelley defeated Bozarth/Bozarth of Glen Rose 6-4 6-3, Dearing/Jackson of Ponder 6-0 6-1, and Hernandez/Hernandez of Chapel Hill Mt. Pleasant 6-0 6-1. The battle with Bowie for the gold split sets, 6-3 for Bowie and 6-3 for Whitewright. In the last set, Kelley/Kelley had control all the way to 5-3 and two match points before the Russell twins regained the edge for 4 straight games winning 7-5.

With an hour rest, the Kelleys would have to get back on the court and play their district rival Davis/Scoggins of Leonard in a playback for second place. Leonard, seeded #3, had lost to Bowie in the semis 6-4 6-1 and beaten Chapel Hill Mt Pleasant 6-3 6-2 for 3rd to earn a challenge for 2nd place.

In the first set of the playback, Whitewright's strokes were still shaken and Leonard took the advantage and the set 6-4. With a prayer the Kelley's resolve responded and took back control of the match with smashing serves, fantastic forehands, and victorious volleys to win the last two sets 6-1 and 6-3. Kelley/Kelley have made it to the top eight 3A teams in the state who will compete at College Station on May 16-17. 



District Medalists

Kelley/Kelley were seeded #2 behind Davis/Scoggins of Leonard and met them in the final after winning 6-1 6-0 in the quarters and 6-0 6-2 in the semis. Both teams came prepared to battle for the third time this season with a win apiece and a score to settle. In the first set the Kelley sisters, Jamie a senior and Juliann a freshmen, took the lead until Leonard caught up at 6 all. The Kelleys took a 3-0 lead in the tie-breaker and held for 7-4. In a reversed second set, Leonard started well with Whitewright catching up at 6 all. A 2-0 lead for Leonard vanished in the tie-breaker with Kelley/Kelley winning it 7-5. The district champions, Kelley/Kelley, will look to get seeded at the regional tournament on April 19-20 with a record of 25-4.


Moriah Wheeler and Jarek Melichar made their final appearance as seniors at district in mixed doubles. Seeded at #3 they won 6-0 6-0 in the quarters to meet the #2 seeded Killian/Neivandt of Lone Oak in the semis. In a battle that lasted over 2.5 hours the #2’s prevailed 6-4 4-6 6-4. Melichar/Wheeler bounced right back to end Leonard’s #1 seeded team Blackerby/Floyd 6-2 6-2 for an outstanding finish and third place.


Javier Lopez and Jacob Andrade’s great sophomore season seeded them at #2. They won in the quarters under pressure 6-4 4-6 6-3 from Boling/Valekei of Van Alstyne. In the semis they met the #3 seeded DeVincentis/Anderson of Leonard whom they have beaten twice this year. Beating the equally matched team three times in a row with a score of 6-4 6-3 to go to the finals their first year as partners did not happen for Lopez/Andrade. In the third place match with Nafikov/Paulin of Caddo Mills, the will of Javier and Jacob returned after being down in the first set 5-1 to finish the year strong 5-7 6-4 6-1 with third place.



Prairiland Tennis Tournament Results

The Tennis Tigers traveled to Paris on April 1st to compete with 14 schools at Paris High School and Paris Junior College. Whitewright won 10 out of 14 matches and made a good showing.

Kelley/Kelley were 3-1 for second place defeating North Lamar 8-5, Prairiland 8-2, Ector 8-4, and lost to Leonard 8-2 in the final. Jamie and Juliann are 1-1 against Leonard's Davis/Scoggins and shaping up for a district show down.

Lopez/Andrade recovered from a 1-6 start to 6 all agaist Ector before being sent to the consolation bracket with an 8-6 loss. From there Javier and Jacob won 3 in a row defeating Chisum 8-0, Leonard 8-5, and Hooks 8-1 for the consolation trophy.

Hansen/Smith in mixed doubles won 2 matches against Pittsburg 8-2 and New Boston 8-4 to qualify for the finals but Kameron and Natasha could not return on Saturday to play it out due another commitment.

Three boys singles players also competed. Kenneth Slack only had time for one match against Hooks and won 8-1 before also having to leave  for another commitment. Alex Westrup went 1-1 and Eli Gibbs was 0-2.

The District Tournament is being held at Princeton this Wednesday and Thursday with all players competing on Wednesday and the finals on Thursday.

Tennis Tigers Improve Records

In the Prosper Tournament on April 22nd and 24th, the Tennis Tigers improved their season records and battled with 5A schools.  Due to other events, the only girls competing from Whitewright were Jamie and Juliann Kelley.

Kelley/Kelley improved their record to 19-3 for the season by defeating Princeton 8-3 and Melissa 9-8 (5) after a bye in the first round.  They fell to Era in semi-final 8-2 and then got up to finish off Melissa’s second team 8-2 for third place. Medaling every tournament, the Kelley’s have earned five sets of medals.

Javier Lopez and Jacob Andrade stayed even with 2 wins and 2 losses after a bye in the first round. They defeated Gainsville 9-8 (5) and Blue Ridge 8-5 before facing Princeton in semi-final 8-1 and Prosper 8-0 for fourth place.  Their record stands at 9-7 with all matches played in the championship brackets.

In his second tournament of the season, Kenneth Slack improved his record to 5-2. A first round win of 9-8 (6) against Little Elm and 8-5 win against Blue Ridge put Slack against Beadle from Princeton in the quarter-final.  Beadle held off Slack for the second time this year 8-5.

Kameron Hansen and Alex Westrup teamed up this week in Natasha Smith’s absence to defeat Little Elm 8-2 and Princeton 8-5. The tournament champions, Shen/Catteau of Denison finished them off 8-1 in the quarter-final.  Going 2-1 for the day, they also improved the winning record.

Eli Gibbs also competed and everyone gained experience and had a good day on the courts.  The final pre-district tournament is next Friday, April 1st, in Paris. 

Slack is Back
The Tennis Tigers competed in the Princeton Invitational on March 17th and 18th for their fourth tournament of the season. After a knee injury, Kenneth Slack returned this week for his first competition of the year. 

Slack defeated Bonham's Kirkpatrick 8-6 and Melissa's Shipes 8-5 in the first two rounds of Division A Boy's Singles. In the quarter final he met the #1 seed Beadle from Princeton for a good battle with an 8-5 loss. Slack went on to claim third place from VA's Lienart after a default. 

 Kelley/Kelley defeated Princeton 8-0 and Anna 8-2 in the first two rounds of Division A Girls Doubles. In the quarter final they met the team from Wylie East that has handed the Kelley's their only two losses of the season. Making a strong start and strong finish, Jamie and Juliann overcame a tie at 7-7 to win a tie breaker 7-4. The championship with Leonard's Davis/Scoggins was halted due to rain for a later date with Leonard up 5-4. Resuming the match at Leonard, Kelley/Kelley prevailed 7-3 in the tie breaker for 1st place.

Bringing Home the Gold

Jamie Kelley and Juliann Kelley rose to the top at the Anna Tournament held at Princeton on February 25th and 26th. They received the only bye in the 32 team draw as the #1 seeds. Kelley/Kelley defeated four district teams by 8-2, 8-0, 8-1, and 8-5 to bring home the gold.

Big Swings from Tennis Doubles

Competing in the Farmersville Tournament on March 3rd and 4th at Princeton High School, the Whitewright Tennis Team made the finals with three doubles teams against 4A and 5A schools.

Jamie Kelley and Juliann Kelley went 4 and 1 with the loss to Wylie East and finished strong against Farmersville 8-1 for third place. They have medaled in every tournament and continue to build on their record of 11-2 for the season.

Javier Lopez and Jacob Andrade battled strong against Wylie East and made gains over previous matches losing 6-3 6-6 (7-5) for 4th place. Their record is 6-4 with three of those losses from 5A schools. 

Jarek Melichar and Moriah Wheeler have made the finals every week and narrowly missed the championship this time. The semi final score slipped away after serving for three match points to a loss of 9-8 (8-3). They also fought a close match against Princeton coming up short 8-6 for 4th place with a season record of 7-5.

The Whitewright Tennis Team competed in their first tournament of the season at the Trenton Tournament on February 18-20. There were 17 schools from 1A through 5A in draws of 32. Through the gusting winds 6 out of 10 from Whitewright made the finals on Saturday. 

Jamie Kelley and Juliann Kelley went successfully through 3 rounds before being edged by Wylie East in the girl’s doubles semifinal. They returned sharper to slash another Wylie East team 6-0 6-3 for third place.

Jarek Melichar and Moriah Wheeler joined forces in mixed doubles and duplicated the winning streak. They also lost to Wylie East in the semifinals by 8-6 and then rallied for third place in a nail biter finish 6-1, 5-7, (11-9) against Princeton.

Javier Lopez and Jacob Andrade won three matches against Leonard, Pottsboro, and Van Alstyne before following the fate of 5A Wylie East in the semifinals and third place match. Finishing 4th, they made a great start on the new season.






Down Right Smashing

Victoria Wheeler - 1st Team All District Doubles, 1st in District, 2nd in Region, State Qualifier, Fighting Heart Award, Most Valuable Player Award.

Jamie Kelley - 1st Team All District Doubles, 1st in District, 2nd in Region, State Qualifier, Fighting Heart Award, Most Valuable Player Award.

Jonathan Smith - 1st Team All District Doubles, 1st in District, 1st round win in Region, Outstanding Doubles Award.

Jeryd Puetz - 1st Team All District Doubles, 1st in District, 1st round win in Region, Outstanding Doubles Award.

Kenneth Slack - 1st Team All District Singles, 1st in District, Outstanding Singles Award

Moriah Wheeler - 2nd Team All District Singles, 4th in District

Natasha Smith - 2nd Team All District Mixed Doubles, 4th in District

Kameron Hansen - 2nd Team All District Mixed Doubles, 4th in District

Jarek Melichar - District Honorable Mention in Doubles

Trevor Grimm - District Honorable Mention in Doubles




Juliann Kelley won the Princeton Invitational Tennis Tournament  on May 2 defeating three opponents from Melissa and Princeton with match scores 6-0; 6-0; and 8-2.


Season Final Tennis Match

The Whitewright Tennis season concluded at the UIL State Tennis Tournament at College Station on April 13. Jamie Kelley and Victoria Wheeler competed in the quarter finals against Cayman Sutton and Niki Barham from White Oak at 1 a.m. after rain delays pushed matches past midnight.  A close first set battle favored Kelley/Wheeler ahead 5 to 3 until Barham/Sutton rallied to win it 7-6(5), 6-2. Another year of outstanding accomplishments came to a close with honor on the grand stage.  Victoria, a senior, has left a long trail of victories for aspiring champions to follow.  She medaled all four years in high school girls doubles with three different partners and won three district championships. Going further, Kelley/Wheeler medaled twice at the regional tournament for 3rd and 2nd the last two years.  Jamie Kelley has one more year to compete and continue the tradition of champions.



The Whitewright Tennis Team took five gold district medalists to the Region II-AAA Tennis Playoffs on April 20, 21 at Tyler Junior College.   Jamie Kelley and Victoria Wheeler were seeded #1 on a 17-2 season record and returning 3rd place medalists.  They beat Smith/Vick from Palmer 6-1, 6-1 in the first round and Gaspar/Gillentine from Grand Saline 6-2, 5-7, 6-1 in the second.  The semi-final bout with Peaster’s Myers/Seli was Whitewright’s finest battle going another three sets with two tie-breakers lasting two and half hours. Victory came after many aces and winners and a steadfast resolve propelled Kelley/Wheeler to a 6-7, 6-0, 7-6 finish.  A third three setter in the final with Bowie’s #2 seeded Russell/Russell after an hour break required more than Whitewright had left for a 6-3, 4-6, 6-2 loss.  Peaster went on to take third leaving no playback for Humble/Madill of New Boston and finalizing the state playoff birth for Kelley/Wheeler.  Another amazing tennis season continues for these two outstanding Whitewright students and upstanding young ladies.

Finishing their season at the regional tournament with the same qualities were Kenneth Slack in singles, and Jeryd Puetz and Jonathan Smith in doubles.  Slack’s uncommonly successful season as a freshmen ended abruptly 6-3, 6-2 by Mason Whitt from Boyd the first round.  The senior dream season of Smith/Puetz continued with a victory over King/Luttrell of Winnsboro 6-7, 6-2, 7-5 only to be roused by Brock’s Boles/Guyon 6-0, 6-0 straight tournament run.  The Whitewright community can be proud of the character and the down right smashing effort given by the Whitewright Tennis Team.  


Varsity Boys Team District Champions

Varsity Girls Team District Runner Up

Tennis Schedule

Whitewright’s Varsity Boys Tennis Team won the District Championship on Friday, April 10 at Bonham High School. Jonathan Smith and Jeryd Puetz , seeded #1 in doubles, overcame a first set loss in the championship to win it 3-6, 6-3, 6-2.  Seeded #1 in singles, Kenneth Slack battled “His” way for three victories and was blessed with 1st place as a freshman.  Kameron Hansen, seeded 5th, increased the  team points in mixed doubles coming in 4th place.  Also scoring were Jarek Melichar and Trevor Grimm in doubles with an honorable mention by splitting sets the second round.  Rounding out the team was Haydon Glover in singles and Tristan Myers in mixed.   Javier Lopez, Jacob Andrade, and Eli Gibbs played in mixed throughout the season and will be relied on coming next year.

The Lady Tiger Tennis Team followed with District Runner Up after three years in a row as #1.  Leading from the doubles #1 seed, returning district champs and regional finalists, Jamie Kelley and Victoria Wheeler held on for the repeat in a 6-2, 5-7, 7-5 finals victory. They are on a roll heading to regionals winning  11 in a row on a 17-2 record.  Moriah Wheeler carried the team as the only singles for a 4th place finish.  Natasha Smith, seeded 5th, increased the team points in mixed doubles by also coming in 4th.  A first round win went to newcomers Sam Peck and Caroline Rahm in doubles.  Ajha Farrow played mixed throughout the season with several partners and pre-district wins.


Battling in The Region II – AAA tournament on April 20th and 21st are gold medal winners, from left to right, Kenneth Slack, Victoria Wheeler, Jeryd Puetz, Jamie Kelley, and Jonathan Smith.  Congratulations are in order to all the Whitewright Tennis Team on a very successful season with the best yet to come.  







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