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Business Services

Purchasing Forms

Credit Card Approval Form- For use before checking out a district credit card. 

Student Meal Money Worksheet - For use with student travel – list each student and sponsor and as money is distributed each recipient should initial beside his or her name.  This form should then be returned to the Business Office.

W - 9 Form - Vendor Information

Travel Forms
Extra/Co-Curricular Bus Pay Sheet

Expense Reimbursement Form - Used to reimburse mileage or any out of pocket expense the employee incurs.

Hotel Reservation Form - Complete this form if there will be a hotel stay and the Business Office will make the reservations and confirm the hotel to the school credit card. A check request should then be completed to pay for the hotel. The credit card is to only be used to confirm the reservation.

Mapquest Link - Use for mileage reimbursement

Misc. Forms
Deposit Verification Form - This form should be completed and signed by a verifier when a deposit is to be made.  It should be turned into the Business Office with your bank-validated yellow deposit copy. This is an excel spreadsheet and will automatically calculate your deposits for you.