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Custom Quick Guide References
This resource contains quick reference guides for some of the most commonly used computer programs including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and more. Most are simple, two-page guides that cover basic tasks.
Common Sense Media
This web site provides valuable information on the media your students may be consuming. The site offers general safety information along with reviews on different media formats. Formats reviewed include movies, games, TV shows, web sites, music, and books. 
Discovery Education
Discovery Education offers digital content, interactive lessons, real time assessment, virtual experiences, classroom contests & challenges, professional development and more.  Discovery provides opportunities through digital media for students to experience the world in the classroom with fascinating people, places, and events.
This extremely valuable resource offers literally thousands of teaching videos ranging from math to science, history, and college entrance exam prep.  Used as a new learning tool or for review, this resource allows students to engage in lessons anytime and anywhere.

Edutopia empowers and connects teachers, administrators, and parents with innovative solutions and resources to better education. The site offers a multitude of reading material to assist professionals in creating a more effective learning environment.

This website offers teacher resources from the Library of Congress including lesson plans, classroom materials, and professional development on using the primary sources from the Library's vast digital collections.
Thousands of free lesson plans complete with fun and engaging student interactives applicable to every subject and grade level.


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