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1st Bell - 7:50am

1st Period:  7:55am to 8:38am - 8th Lady Tiger Athletics

2nd Period:  8:42am to 9:25am - 7th Lady Tiger Athletics

BREAK:  9:25am to 9:37am

3rd Period:  9:41am to 10:24am - U.S. History

TUTORIALS:  10:28am to 10:52am

4th Period:  10:56am to 11:39am - U.S. History

Lunch:  11:39am to 12:09pm

5th Period:  12:09pm to 12:56pm - 6th PE

6th Period:  1:00pm to 1:43pm - U.S. History

7th Period:  1:47pm to 2:30pm - Conference

8th Period:  2:34pm to 3:18pm - High School Athletics

** Middle school bell rings at 3:17pm. **

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