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PreK General Information

Pre-K General Information:

Every year changes are made to the Pre-K program in the state of Texas.  The primary goal for Pre-K is to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Pre-K focuses on the social and emotional growth of your child.  We will also be learning our colors, numbers, shapes and letters.


Morning PreK: We start at 7:50am and dismiss at 10:50am.  At dismissal your child has the option of going home or staying for lunch.  If your child will be eating in the cafeteria they will be dismissed at 11:15am.

Afternoon PreK: We start the afternoon at 12:15pm and dismiss at 3pm.  Dismissal for car students will be at the front door.  Bus students will be taken to their bus.  Lunch for afternoon Pre-K is served at 11:45am.  They are then dismissed to class at 12:15pm.


Morning PreK:  They are to report to the cafeteria every morning.  They are then released to the room when the first bell rings.  Parents please release the student through the car line.  There are teachers in the cafeteria to help your child with breakfast. One of our main goals for the year is to learn independence and this is a huge step for the little ones!

Afternoon PreK:  If eating lunch they are dismissed at 12:15pm to the room.  If they are arriving at 12:15pm they will line up in the foyer with those eating and walk down to the classroom as a class.  Parents please let your child walk to the classroom with the class.  It will help develop their independence!

All Pre-K:

Please make sure that your child is on time to school or lunch.  We will start the day right away and I do not want them to miss out on any of the fun.  Also it is very important that they arrive at the designated times.  This is a safety issue.  We want to ensure that we know that your child is there and is supervised at all times.


Morning PreK:  There will be 2 dismissals times for your child.  If they will be going home for lunch they will be dismissed at 10:50am.  Please form a line in front of the building and REMAIN in your car;  I will bring your child to you.  This is for the safety of your child and others.  If your child will be eating in the cafeteria the dismissal willl be at 11:15am.  The same dismissal procedure; line up in front of the school and REMAIN in your car.






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